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Healing Depression without Medication fi

Healing Depression Without Medication debunks the mythology of the neurochemical imbalance and alleged effectiveness of antidepressants. Dr. Jodie Skillicorn offers another way of treating depression by getting to the root causes and  empowering readers to become agents of their own wholeness and healing.  If you are one of the 300 million adults around the world  suffering from depression and a lifetime of ineffective medications who long to flourish and thrive, this book is for you.

Find additional resources related to the book for your healing journey here.

Find audio files of Wellness Rx in book here. The password to access the files is the last word on page 114 of the book.

"The unfortunate reality is that the majority of patients treated with medications for depression fail to recover. In this insightful new work, Dr. Skillicorn shares her holistic prescriptions on how to live a fuller and depression free life. This is a must read in my clinic" - Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, author of The Plant Based Solution

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